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Acquisition of nQuire Software by Protagona PLC


Client and buyer:  Protagona PLC

Based in Birmingham, United Kingdom Protagona PLC wanted to expand their presence in North America through one or more strategic acquisitions.  Protagona PLC (FKA: Recognition Systems) became the United Kingdom’s leading provider of CRM Software through internal development efforts and external alliances, such as deal described here.

Seller:  nQuire Software

Based in San Mateo California, nQuire Software (“nQuire”) is a provider of the internet-based search and analytic platform for structured information. The company server accesses the data warehouses and intelligently federates information from multiple systems and data sources including data warehouses, data marts, operational, transactional, and XML-based sources.

Transaction Details:

Initially a joint-venture, the close working relationship lead to a merger and exchange of shares.  Protagona was acquired by DoubleClick (NASDAQ: DCLK) for £8.4m in September 2002.  nQuire Software was acquired by Siebel Systems (NASDAQ:SEBL) for $50 million in November 2001.  The joint-venture between the two companies evolved into a commercially successful relationship that increased the value of both enterprises.

Broker/Dealer:  Not Applicable (pre-FINRA regulation)

Completion:  May 2001

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