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Acquisition of Axiom by Hellma GmBH


Client and Seller:  Axiom

Founded in 1988 by two pioneers in the field of process FTIR spectroscopy, Axiom develops and manufacturers robust sample interfacing probes and equipment.  Axiom manufacturers probes, flow cells and sampling systems designed to operate reliably in challenging environments with high temperature and pressure. 


Buyer:  Hellma GmBH

Hellma GmbH is based in Jenna Germany with global operations and subsidiaries in the United States.  Hellma manufacturers spectroscopy cells, fiber optic probes, specialty optics, light sources, optical components and mini-spectrometer modules. 


Transaction Details:

Axiom represents a logical extension of Hellma’s existing spectroscopy probe and flow-cell product lines.  As part of Hellma, Axiom will have additional corporate resources for R&D and production and better growth opportunities through integration with Hellma’s existing sales force and products.


Broker/Dealer:  Aaron Capital

Completion:  February 2016

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