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Halma plc acquisition of Labsphere division of X-Rite


Client and Buyer:  Halma PLC

Halma is a UK based global group of life-saving technology companies.  Halma is a member of the FTSE-100 with shares traded on the London Stock Exchange (HLMA.L).  Halma is organized into three sectors: Safety, Medical and Environmental & Analysis. 


Seller:  X-Rite

Labsphere, based in North Sutton, New Hampshire, USA, is a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative light testing and measurement products and specialized optical coatings. These high-quality devices and materials are used by a wide range of end users, including government and commercial organizations for testing, measuring and calibrating optoelectronic devices against widely accepted National Standards of performance, to conform with regulations or drive technical advances.


Transaction Details:

Labsphere is the second deal where we served as Halma’s advisor, the first acquisition being Ocean Optics.  With Labsphere, Halma starts to build-out a comprehensive portfolio in photonics.  Photonics, or light based technology (generation of photons, manipulation of photons, analysis of photons) is a key 21st century technology that impacts Halma’s medical and environmental & analysis technology companies.

Broker/Dealer:  Glocap Advisors

Completion:  February 2007

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