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Halma plc acquisition of Accutome


Client and Buyer:  Halma PLC

Halma is a UK based global group of life-saving technology companies.  Halma is a member of the FTSE-100 with shares traded on the London Stock Exchange (HLMA.L).  Halma is organized into three sectors: Safety, Medical and Environmental & Analysis. 


Seller:  Accutome

A leading brand and distributor of ophthalmology supplies and equipment, Accutome is best known for their leading ultrasound diagnostic equipment (used prior to cataract surgery and to diagnose certain eye conditions), and for their surgical instrumentation, featuring their leading diamond bladed surgical knives.


Transaction Details:

Accutome will join Halma's Health and Analysis sector within the Health Optics sub-sector which already includes Keeler, Volk, Riester and Medicel, further expanding Halma's footprint in ophthalmic diagnostic and surgical instrumentation.  The initial cash consideration is $20 million (£12.5 million) and is adjustable Dollar for Dollar based on the level of net working capital at closing.


Broker/Dealer:  OEM Capital

Completion:  April 2012

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