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Raising Money

Working capital is the life-blood of a corporation. To fund business growth, companies often seek cash infusions. We can help you source cash from both debt and equity sources.

Two fundamental canons of investment banking are 1) markets are efficient, and 2) the Capital-Asset-Pricing model is the best way to link returns with risk.

American Corporate Services can assist in raising capital to fund the growth of a business. We have experience managing venture capital portfolios and understand the capital raising process from both sides of the table.

The Capital-Asset-Pricing Model is used to determine the appropriate rate-of-return of an asset in relation to the risk of holding the asset. The higher the risk of the investment, the higher the return.

Note that the "Zero Risk" investment has a return of the current US Treasury Bill Rate. This assumes that there is no sovereign risk. You will not be at risk loaning money to the US Government by buying and holding US Treasury Bills.

Venture capitalists and private equity groups are likely to assume your business is risker than you think it is, and demand a higher return.

We can help get the best deal from investors by showing how the investment risks can be minimized.


Lines on a ship are used to hoist and control sails, the primary power of the vessel. American Corporate Services draws on our experience and resources to offer insight into ways to trim the sails to move your business forward.

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